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Heated Transfer Pump Application Study

A leading manufacturing of casting compounds came to Sta-Warm application engineers looking for ways to improve employee productivity and safety.  The customer's employees have traditionally manually transported 5 gallon buckets of heated material from one process station to the next.  This involved employees walking up flights of stairs with buckets and pouring the hot material into a secondary processing tank.  This step in the manufacturing process was not only inefficient, it also posed a potential burn hazard for employees who might slip and fall while going up the access stairs to the tank. 


Advantages of Heated Process Pumps

Sta-Warm’s application engineers suggested using a heated transfer pump to convey the heated material from one processing station to the next because it was impossible to use a gravity feed with heated pipe to move the temperature sensitive material. A heated pump also solved the safety hazard posed by employees carrying hot buckets of casting compounds of several flights of stairs.  With the introduction of the heated transfer pumps, productivity is up and accidents are eliminated.  Heated transfer pumps come in a wide range of materials and configurations with capacities from 1GPM to 50GPM with operating temperatures to 375 degrees. 

Speak With A Sta-Warm Applications Engineer Today!

Heated transfer pumps come in a wide range of materials and configurations with capacities from 1GPM to 50GPM, and operating temperatures to 375 degrees.  So whether your current system of moving temperature sensitive materials using gravity fed pipes is causing lost production time due to line freezes, or the manual transport of hot material throughout various parts of your production facility simply seems inefficient or dangerous, a heated transfer pump may be part of the solution to your specific application.  Call a Sta-Warm application engineer today, or click here to learn more about heated transfer pumps.

Heated Pump

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