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Heated Transfer Pumps

Transfer tar, wax, glue, and potting compounds from heated tanks to application areas with a heated transfer pump from Sta-Warm Electric. Frozen transfer lines and production stoppages commonly associated moving temperature sensitive materials from heated storage tanks to application areas are solved with Sta-Warm’s introduction of heated transfer pumps. Originally designed as a custom solution to production difficulties facing a manufacturer of casting compounds, our heated transfer pumps are now available as options on new heated tanks and available for retrofit in the field.

    Heated Pump Construction Features and Benefits

  • Heated pumps are available in bronze, cast iron, or stainless steel
  • Gear pumps and positive displacement pumps
  • 1 gpm to 50 gpm at 100 psi max
  • Maximum operating temperature 375F
  • Heated pumps can be operated in 120, 240, or 480 volt systems.
  • Suitable for transferring tar, wax, glue, and potting compounds

Heated Pump

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